I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator who is inspired by work that expresses who I am, what I want to be, and who I will become. I currently attend Washington State University Tri-Cities seeking to achieve degrees in both Digital Technology & Culture as well as Education. I continue to learn new things everyday about being an artist and feel as if education is what lead me here. I have taken many different classes at WSU which have furthered my skills in manipulating and creating posters, illustrations, logos, menus and much more. I feel as if all of these creations have made me better prepared to enter the workforce. I am someone who enjoys a challenge and is very passionate about my work. “I believe that my art is a representation of me and who I am as an artist. What I am inspired by and value the most. Being uncomfortable is comfortable for me because this is what makes my art challenging and creative. As an improving artist I want to further my skills in every aspect of graphic design. I want my work to always tell a story, a different story depending on the viewer.” I am dedicated to becoming a future graphic designer and doing whatever it takes. I believe that one day I will be able to show my work to the world as well as detail what it takes to be an artist.

Artist Statement

In terms of me as an artist, I believe that my work always has a sense of unity and coherence. I see my work as being very detailed and precise in terms of what the process is like for me. My ideas for my art always come from inspirations I’ve had growing up as an artist and being in a family of artist. I like to describe my artwork as being abstract, bold, and complex. I’ve always enjoyed a challenge and I feel as if my artwork definitely creates that. The design process for me is always a work in progress, and usually takes on 5 or 6 different forms until the final work is completed. I never feel as if I have fully finished a piece because I feel like something can always be added or taken out to make it even better. This is what makes it a challenge that I enjoy taking on everytime. It’s okay as an artist to be comfortable being uncomfortable when designing a work of art. The joy of being creative, thinking effectively is what makes my art special because I know that by the end of it, it will come out with a purpose. I’d like to think that being an artist is incredible because you essentially become what you create. Your artwork is a reflection of your ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. I believe that being able to understand all aspects of art makes me unique. I enjoy drawing, manipulating, constructing, inspiring, illustrating, creating because this is what most of my work focuses on. I also enjoy photography but I would definitely say I can improve in that area as I progress. Art is a representation of our past experiences. I enjoy focusing my art on posters, cartoons, drawings, and text because it’s a way of detailing my perspective on art. Graphic design is something I’ve enjoyed my whole life, so to be able to incorporate my style and my experiences as an artist is a blessing.  

 One of my favorite pieces is titled Dreams of Reality. This manipulated narrative encompassed me as an artist, while depicting it as a kid which was my younger brother. It was the idea that anything we want to be, anything we set our sights on, anything we believe in, will come true. It’s a way of showing it through a child’s perspective because this is when most of us decided what we want to be growing up. What our dreams and aspirations were going to be in the future. Looking up at the sky knowing that the light will always shine at the end of the tunnel. There’s always a chance for a new beginning, a new story to tell, a new idea to create, a new purpose behind something. This is what I’ve always wanted to accomplish as an artist in my works. It’s something I strive for in every piece from beginning to the end.

"Dreams of Reality" - Izzy Sarmiento
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