DESCRIPTION: Documentary.

STATEMENT: Love of Basketball is a documentary about the passion one has for the game of basketball. It’s the idea that practice is always a step in the right direction towards perfecting your craft. Dreaming big is something we all do and to be able to incorporate that in this piece is something special. I personally believe that we can go as far as we want to go in all aspects of life. Dreams can become reality, all you have to do is believe. 

DESCRIPTION: Nature’s Beauty. (Landscape) 

STATEMENT: Nature is a beautiful thing we come across all the time. The beauty of Earth is such a pleasure to look at and be around. Getting to see the beautiful creations of this Earth is special and something I enjoy capturing. The next time you go outside, look around, pay attention to the little things and cherish them, capture them because the next day is never promised. I want to expand my portfolio on nature and outdoors because I enjoy soaking up the sun, the beautiful weather is awesome and is the best opportunity for us to stay in the moment while also capturing the moment. 

DESCRIPTION: The Light of Life

STATEMENT: The Light of Life was a capturing of my brothers in the moment. I wanted to incorporate them into a piece by allowing them to do whatever came to mind. The narrative of both pieces is that there are the light of life, they bring joy to those around them, they are shining stars of the world, children that can make a difference both now and in the future. They can be anything they want to be and this is really what I wanted to capture when taking these photos. The depiction that one looking up at the sky, and the other looking down but having the same mindset that they can be whatever they want to be, thinking to themselves they are worthy of whatever is thrown at them. Taking on the obstacles along the way, and something we all face in our own lives. 

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